The exploration of narrational qualities in new technologies represents a dynamic endeavor that weaves together various facets of our evolving digital landscape. It delves into the innovative ways in which technology can reshape how we tell stories and communicate narratives, transcending the boundaries of traditional media. In this exploration, elements from other research fields intersect, amplifying its societal impact.

Firstly, the documentation of global heritage intersects with the exploration of narrational qualities of new technologies by transforming historical preservation and cultural storytelling. Digital tools and platforms, like Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR), provide novel avenues for engaging with heritage, making history more accessible, interactive, and engaging. This technology-driven storytelling not only reinvigorates our connection with the past but also bridges cultural gaps, fostering cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

Furthermore, the development of site-specific installations melds with the exploration of narrational qualities in new technologies by utilizing cutting-edge digital storytelling to enhance the impact of installations. Technology empowers site-specific projects to create immersive, interactive narratives, enriching the experience for visitors. This integration heightens the sense of belonging and community engagement, as digital narratives and installations foster a deeper connection between people and the spaces they inhabit.

The broader context of achieving societal impact is where the exploration of narrational qualities in new technologies finds its ultimate relevance. By harnessing technology to craft compelling narratives, this research field can drive positive change across various sectors. Whether it's in education, advocacy, or cultural preservation, the power of technology-assisted storytelling serves as a catalyst for societal transformation. These innovative narratives engage and inspire, making complex information more understandable and compelling. As we explore narrational qualities in new technologies, we tap into the potential to inform, persuade, and drive positive social change across diverse domains, from heritage preservation to site-specific installations, and beyond.

Field of Research: Exploration of Narrational Qualities of New Technologies