The documentation of global heritage stands as a collective endeavor, one that reverberates through multiple research fields, contributing to a richer, interconnected tapestry of knowledge and impact. It serves as a critical bridge between the past and the future, preserving the rich history, cultural diversity, and natural landscapes for generations to come. This preservation of our shared heritage is not isolated but woven into broader societal goals. It extends beyond museums and historical sites, intersecting with fields like the exploration of narrational qualities of new technologies, where emerging digital tools provide innovative ways to tell the stories of our heritage, making history more accessible and engaging for the present generation.

Simultaneously, the development of site-specific installations finds its place within heritage documentation, as these installations can breathe new life into historical locations and cultural sites. By engaging with the past in a dynamic and contemporary way, they add layers of meaning and interpretation to our heritage. They also promote a sense of belonging and community ownership, encouraging active participation and appreciation of our collective legacy. This interactive approach extends to societal impact, as it transforms heritage into a living, evolving entity, reinforcing the connection between heritage and community well-being.

Moreover, heritage documentation serves as a source of inspiration for achieving societal impact. It embodies the values and traditions of different cultures and communities, creating a shared platform for cross-cultural understanding and cooperation. By preserving and sharing these narratives, we build bridges of empathy and mutual respect that can extend to diverse societal endeavors. In essence, the documentation of global heritage is a linchpin that integrates the exploration of narrational qualities in new technologies, the development of site-specific installations, and broader societal impact, collectively fostering a profound sense of cultural continuity, respect for diversity, and a purposeful connection with our collective past.

Within our research we strongly collaborate with researchers from the team from the Dhakira Center for Heritage Research in the UAE (Prof. Robert Parthesius), and Prof. Adina Hempel (Zayed University).

Field of Research: Documentation of Global Heritage