Experimental Sustainable Design

Researchers that work with the Experimental Sustainable Design Group are interested in finding innovative solutions around the key pillars of sustainability: social, environmental, and economic, specific in the fields of recycling, and agriculture. Projects vary, for example, from the development of low cost molds1 from freely available ressources, like sand, dust and heat, to the development of solutions for the melioration of leached soil in agricultural areas2, or the support of open-source communities that foster plastic recycling3. The goal is always the exploration of available ressources, experimentation and adaption of its elements, and the creation of multiple designs that feature new concepts. A holistic approach that also involves the field of economics.

  1. Research project Deserted Faience, 2018–2020 

  2. Research Project SOVAL – Better Use of Agricultural Land, 2017–2021 

  3. Research Project Precious Plastic AD, 2017–2019